The last few years have truly made this the decade of anniversaries, with bands re-releasing things all over the place and reunions galore. But its so hard to find some sort of come-back reunion that people actually care about. Did you know for example that its the tenth anniversary of Slipknots debut album? Didn’t think so. The world either doesn’t even bat an eyelid or everyone swarms together because the band has become some sort of brand, like the crowds that engulfed Abbey Road last year for the Beatles 40th year since making their last album together.

Solid anniversaries in the last few years include (granted some are more interesting than others), Pink Floyd, The Animals,  Michael Jackson and we’ve recently enjoyed some re-releases of The Doors original mixes. All solid album sellers in their own right but we need to enjoy a comeback from a band that will really put fire in our bellies. Sadly all the above have either split or passed away.

The latest band to officially become veterans is everybody’s favorite scar band, and their not making it a cringe worthy effort to pop out a greatest hits either. Madness are releasing a 30th anniversary edition of their debut album ‘One Step Beyond’. To be released as a two-disc package, with the original set list for your money on disc one, with disc two full up of ‘B’ sides and a John Peel session. Madness havn’t stopped either. Solidly touring in the UK for December climaxing at the O2 arena, new material in the form of this months ‘The Liberty Of Norton Falgate’ as well as successfully filling London’s Regent Street last Month. Madness for Prime Minister!