Longer Tweets are now available to all US Twitter Blue subscribers, increasing the limit from 280 characters to 4,000.

Since upgrading from 140 in 2017, 280 characters has been the limit for Tweets. Those needing to add more context to their messages were required to start a thread or post a screenshot of their notes app. Now, Twitter are hoping to put an end to that, or at least for paying users.

For $8 per month or $84 per year, Twitter Blue unlocks access to longer Tweets, as well as a blue checkmark, Edit Tweet (up to 5 times within the first 30 minutes), post longer/1080p videos, NFT profile pictures and other features.

Longer Tweets are truncated to 280 character when viewed in the feed, profile or embedded (see below), on the mobile app and web. A “Show more” button takes you to the full length Tweet. All users, including non-Blue subscribers, can view, reply, retweet and quote Tweet longer Tweets. Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to reply and quote Tweet with up to 4,000 characters. All additional features like posting pictures, including hashtags and creating a poll work as usual. Longer Tweets can’t currently be saved as drafts or scheduled to send later.

Twitter Blue is available in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the UK, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, India, Indonesia, and Brazil. Accounts must be at least 90 days old to subscribe. Click here to find out more and subscribe.

Personally, I don’t think this is going to be the tool that finally convinces the masses to subscribe to Twitter Blue. While it’s a nice feature to have, it’s not significantly better than a good ol’ fashioned thread.