Live365, the digital host for thousands of independent broadcasters, looks like it may be revived after closing it’s doors earlier this year.

Live365 was a long running home for independent internet radio broadcasters that was host to over 5000 broadcasters ranging from amateur hosts to music stars like Johnny Cash and Frank Zappa over the 16 years they were in business. In January this year Live365 closed it’s services down, devastating it’s dedicated audience.

Live365 weren’t ready for a definitive end however, saying at the time: “There are always possibilities that we can come back in one form or another.” It seems that we could be seeing their return fairly soon as Live365 have updated their website with a not-so ambiguous message, reading – “The fun isn’t over yet.”

The website also gives some even more obvious signs of an imminent return saying below: “Live365 will be right back” next to their press email. Then to finish of the page of teasers, Live365 offer their support email for contact if you’re “Looking to start your Internet Radio station again”.

You don’t really need any more hints than that to see that Live365 are clearly planning a return and that they want to invite their old broadcasters back to their service. What will be even more interesting than their return, however, will be to see how and whether they change or expand upon their platform at all. With their closing in the first place due to unsustainable, rising royalty rates it’s unlikely they will launch again with the exact same service.

Digital Music News got in contact with Live365 where they confirmed the return, saying:

The only comment we can make at this this time is that the assets from Live365 have been acquired and we are still finalizing plans. We will make an announcement with our official plans in the next coming weeks.