Alexa has given in and nearly a year after adding Apple Music to her music streaming database, she’s playing podcasts.

Get your favourite podcasts playing around the house from Amazon Echo speakers. Apple Podcasts are now streaming on Echo speakers and compatible with Alexa, so you can just say the word to start a podcast on your Smart Speaker.

Apple Podcasts are now accessible with any Alexa powered device, so that includes smartphones and non-Amazon smart speakers. Ask her to play a certain show and she can even rejoin your listening where you last left off, even it you were listening on another device.

You can set Apple as your default for Alexa to play podcasts when you ask her to. This means that, as long as the show you’re asking to play is on Apple Podcasts, she will play straight from there without needing to prompt the service.

Apple Podcasts are available on Echo speakers and all Alexa powered devices now.