LightFreqHave you ever wanted lightbulbs that can pump out your favourite tunes? No? Well neither have most people until you think about it for a minute.

Connect one of these lightbulbs to your bluetooth connected device and you can be playing music in no time.

Multiple discreet speakers hidden in every room is certainly intriguing. These bulbs are highly compact, in a beautiful aesthetic aluminium body. With a traditional E26 Edison Screw, these will fit into your standard lightbulb holders up on your ceiling.

According to LightFreq, the sound quality is fantastic considering size. “Better Sound Quality than Beats Pill”

LightFreq NotificationsConnectivity:
With an accompanying mobile app to go along, these bulbs really start to shine.
Buy a couple of these LightFreq bulbs and start pumping out stereo music, all via the mobile app. With built in microphones, you won’t have to worry about holding your phone up to your ear to talk to someone… unless it’s private.
You can even set the app to track your ever move, so as you enter a room… BOOM! Light & sound, no need to touch the switch.
In terms of the colour side of things, you can chose from literally any colour to be shone. This colour can be based on certain mobile notifications, or fade in as you awake to your favourite tune. The app allows for a “party mode”, allowing the bulb to change colour according to the genre of music being pumped through… nice!

Unfortunately these are still under production via Kickstarter, so we’ll have to wait and see how the end result weighs in. The current early bird pre-orders come in at US$55, plus US$15 shipping, for a total of US$70 (£41). With a maximum of 50 connected bulbs, you’ll have to start saving up now if you’re wanting a few for each room.