With more free time on your hands and nowhere to go why not dust of your guitar and emerge from quarantine a serial shredder.

There are loads of great resources online for everything from learning your first chord to fingertapping ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’ at 200 BPM. There are two we want to point your attention to that are equally great resources in different ways.

The first is Fender Play. It’s an interactive app from the guitar-making legends and shows you how to play songs on guitar, bass and if you wish – ukulele. The interactive app is full of video lessons to guide you through, song tabs for reading and playing with, even backing tracks to play songs along with once you’ve learnt.

The app makes learning guitar interactive with progression levels to reach and goals to achieve with each lesson. To keep everyone learning whilst we’re stuck at home Fender are offering 3 months of free online lessons for the first 500,000 people who sign up so don’t delay and sign up today:

Fender Play learn guitar lessons teach tutorial guide app application mobile beginners guitarist

Then there’s MusicRadar. MusicRadar are a fantastic website for so many reasons. They have all the latest and greatest music news, updates, info and music tech/instrument insiders. They also have a fantastic source of hundreds-of-thousands of samples free to download and use in your music at SampleRadar.

But here we want to look at their wealth of tuition content which they have all available from their website for free. There are pages and pages of guitar tutorials with notation, videos, sound clips galore to guide you through anything from a funky lick, the style of your favourite guitarist, new jazzy chords to try and so much more.

Use their search bar to search for some guitar lessons that suit what you want to learn, or just explore their Tuition pages for loads of great and fun lessons and tips. There are also posts on tricks for bassists, producers, and more so find their free content now at: