Lady Gaga Tops UK Singles Chart for 2nd Week Running, But Does She Really Have Talent?

lady-gaga-lady-gaga-pictureLady Gaga’s “Poker Face” (Interscope/Universal) started a second week at No. 1 on the U.K. singles chart yesterday.

I recently saw an indepth interview with Lady Gaga, who has previously written songs for Britney Spears and The Pussycat Dolls before actually getting signed for her talents. Lady Gaga has always been very outspoken even stating that: “I will be at the top of music for the next 10 years”.

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    I think Lady Gaga is awesome. She’s
    really pretty with her own individual style and so what if
    she dreams big. I think she’ll be really popular and known worldwide
    in the next phew years. She’s an
    amazing artist, and all.

    i think its not her thats they love, but her songs. bcuz i would love the songs if they were sung by any female artist!

    Lady gaga has talent and is honestly an amazing singer. The songs she has out now and that she performs is computerized and edited but she is much better than what the computers do to her voice. I found a video that was posted on youtube, you could OBVIOUSLY tell it was her, minus the creative outfits and stuff like that it was her before the fame. Singing with nothing but a microphone and playing the piano herself. She played and sang a song she wrote herself and it was gorgeous. Better than anyone else that is out now. Do a little more research on people before you start claiming that these famous people that are famous for a reason have no talent. By the way I have seen interviews upon interviews and she has such outrageous outfits to express her creativity and I completely understand that because I myself am creative and if I had the money she has I would be expressing it in the way I dressed and the make up I wore.

    “Does she really have talent?” You answered your own question twice in your horribly written paragraph & a half. She has more than “a small bit” of talent, and for more than just “writing music”. And she doesn’t need anyone to justify or rationalize that to you or anyone else. Her songs topping the charts speak for themselves.

    “Am I the only person who really thinks that she isnt the greatest singer in the world?” Of course not. She is merely a pop star. There are countless opera singers, solo musicians, and other artists who’s actual vocals would effortlessly drown out Lady Gaga. Nobody ever claimed she was the best in the world. At most, the best living pop star of the decade.

    Face it: She’s more than just an interesting looking girl with bizarre costume and a catchy baseline. Because if that’s all she was, she’d be inseparable from the easily forgettable pop-stars like Rihanna or one of those annoying wanna-be teenager icons.

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