Lady Gaga To Play Arena Tour in North America and Europe

lady gagaLady GaGa will play North American and European arenas this year and Live Nation Entertainment’s global touring division will take the reins as promoter/producer.

Lady GaGa is set to begin a run of dates in the U.K. (promoted by AEG Live) on Feb. 18 at the MEN Arena in Manchester, followed by shows in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, which are all almost sold out. According to sources, it is now expected that the artist will play arenas in Europe some time this spring, then North American arenas in the summer.

Live Nation has previous run heavy international tours for both U2 and Madonna, so Lady GaGa will be in good hands.

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    God why?!? Why must we be subjected to this pointless drivel from such a vapid and completely irrelevant “celebrity”, manufactured solely by a “scandal and freak” driven media.

    Lady Gag(a) me does not reinvent the wheel, let alone even a spoke; she’s nothing above an average singer; somewhat pretty but nothing exotic or different – basically nothing new here that Madonna hasn’t already done. She can, however, create some pretty amazing masterpieces from fabric, albeit nothing I, nor anyone I know, would ever wear, even in the privacy of our own homes.

    Just another mutation further diluting the musical gene pool. Lets hope that sooner, rather than later, that someone comes along and stops the madness, thus forever saving music from being the punchline of a tired, sad, irrelevant joke.

    Irrelevant? She might be the biggest front since Harrods, but she’s a massive success in a music market that’s struggling, and interesting for that reason if not for her musical talent. The thing about the music business is that it’s a business. Music for music’s sake is an entirely different entity and probably peaked around the same time as the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

    I agree with “thirteenburn” terrible overcommercialised music that does nothing new except perpetuate the mindless, characterless, crap that there is sadly too much of.
    Dont get swept away by the hype, because thats all it is – its nothing new, clever or good

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