Image credit: Kwettr

Kwetter is an online marketing company that specialises in messaging tools for social media, smart marketing and data analytics.

In the modern world as an independent musician or label you need to be prepared to balance many plates, one said plate is marketing. However, selling your own art is a difficult and time-consuming task, taking you away from the day to days of a musical or a label. Thankfully, thanks to the internet, there are plenty of tools out there to help you. 

Having a solid marketing plan, engagement stream, and strong fanbase has never been more important for artists and labels alike. Especially in the last few years where content and social media have exploded. Remember content is king. 

The pandemic blew this wide open as well, as touring and live performances were put on hiatus most if not all turned to the internet. Those artists that had an established presence dominated and many found new success due to an increase in time spent marketing.

However, being able to track and manage this can be a monumental task, this is where tools such as Kwettr come in. Originally starting as a boutique marketing agency they have now transformed into an easy-to-use platform. The company is based in Breda, The Netherlands, and was created by Bas Kruijssen (New Media & Marketing Manager Black Hole Recordings) and Arny Bink (co-founder Black Hole Recordings). Together they have over 20 years of experience in the industry and extensive marketing knowledge. 

The main goal of Kwettr is to improve the artist/fan relationship in an innovative way by providing a set of tools for artists and labels to promote their music using AI and intelligent data analysis. 

Speaking on the platform Kruijssen explained: “Our new platform enables artists and record labels to reward their loyal fans with exclusive content, create smart messaging tools for social media and above all gain valuable insights in their marketing efforts.” Adding: “We listened to the growing demand for affordable ways to market music. Instead of hiring expensive tech- and marketing companies to create tools, we made a platform that enables artists to make these tools themselves. Saving them time and money.”

Kwettr offers a wide range of utilities that have been adapted to artists at different stages of their career and genre. They boast Beatport, Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, Universal Music Group, and many more as clients. 

Here is what Kwettr offers:

Unlock Tools: 8 Different Unlock Tools, varying from Social Unlocks, Referral Hacks, Remix Competitions, Games and Puzzles. 

Direct Message Campaigns: You can send personalised, direct messages to fans. Advertising new releases, tours, and merch. 

Spotify Marketing: Kwettr claims to guarantee playlist features on user-generated playlists no matter the genre.

Influencer Marketing: Collect data on influencers, backlinks and social stats, as well as contact influencers directly. 

Kwettr App: Have your music featured in the Kwettr App which will reach a global audience. You can also use geo-tracking to offer exclusive content to fans worldwide. 

Smart Landing Page: Create your own landing page or personalised profile to lead customers to buy, stream or unlock content. 

Reports: Kwettr generates reports of social media channels, which means you can track your posts and change your strategy based on important numerical data.

Analyses: Seo analysis, which will improve website performance.  

There is of course a cost for all of this, but having access to a  tool like this could make all the difference to your music career. Remember, in today’s world it’s not just the music, for better or worse you need to become a salesperson too. Thankfully, tools like Kwettr exists to help and make this easier for you.