All of the sounds, synths, samplers and effects you need for $9.99/month with KOMPLETE NOW

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KOMPLETE NOW from Native Instruments is loaded with tools and constantly updated for an affordable monthly cost.

Don’t want to be tied down to a handful of plugins, or fed up of paying too much every time you want to switch up your sound? This subscription service has a curated bundle of essential, on-trend instruments, effects and presets, for those producing chart-topping, radio-ready sounds. Each product is packed full of keys, plucks, pads, bass and beyond to craft your pop, hip-hop, drill or just about any genre of music.

What’s included in KOMPLETE NOW?

Image Credit: Native Instruments


A bespoke version of our cutting-edge drum sampler, with 60 tailor-made kits that are designed to make your rhythm tracks pop, and new kits added bi-weekly.

Image Credit: Native Instruments


Made for creating heavy trap hooks and smoke-soaked pads with a wide palette of classic analog gear, hybrid sound sources, and resampling.

Image Credit: Native Instruments


Hazy keys, wavy synths, guitars, and bass all recorded and creatively processed to give a warming lo-fi texture to productions.

Image Credit: Native Instruments


Our essential delay with streamlined controls, perfect for anything from subtle slapback to dizzying echoes.

Image Credit: Native Instruments


Our next-generation wavetable synthesizer. Powerful oscillators and effects, flexible semi-modular routing, and an architecture designed for total sonic freedom.

Image Credit: Native Instruments


A blend of sampled pianos, synthesizers, and mallets, adding creative effects to produce completely new sounds that spark inspiration.

Image Credit: Native Instruments


16 iconic analog synthesizers and keyboards, lovingly sampled from the original instruments to bring out the best of their beautiful vintage tone.

Image Credit: Native Instruments


The do-it-all creative reverb, built to take your sound anywhere across the spectrum from realistic rooms to experimental reflections.

That’s not all! KOMPLETE NOW is constantly updated with new instruments, plugins, features, presets, sound packs and effects. Subscribers receive a new product each month, plus new BATTERY kits every two weeks. The next product to be added is MELTED VIBES. “Dive into the extra-wavy sounds of MELTED VIBES — a go-to instrument for hyped-up hooks.”

Image Credit: Native Instruments

Native Access is your one-stop hub for registering, installing and updating all of your synths, samplers and effects with just a few clicks.

Image Credit: Native Instruments

KOMPLETE NOW comes with a one-month free trial, then costs $9.99 per month or $99 per year. Cancel at any time. You can find everything you need to get started, such as tips and tricks, walkthrough videos and quickstart guides on Native Instruments’ learning hub here. Sign up to KOMPLETE NOW for a 30-day pass for pro-level video tutorials and more in-depth knowledge from NI’s partner Groove3.

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