You know when you really like an artist or musician that has a slightly bad reputation for being a bit of an asshole, and you find yourself constantly having to defend them? Well, I have exactly this problem with RnB’s number 1 willy cloth Kanye West.

Following his absurd outburst at last year’s MTV Video Music Awards during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for the ‘Video Of The Year’ award, Kanye Seems to have done a bit of soul searching and has claimed via Twitter that he has written a song for Taylor as something of an apology.

As much as his onstage rebellion was a hilarious highlight of an otherwise rather dull ceremony, I’m sure that Taylor would rather just forget about it. I’m also sure that Kayne, as brilliant and talented as he is would not thrive in a country/Hip-Hop collaboration, and would leave himself and all his fans royally humiliated (again). Of course there is a part of me curious to here this inevitable abomination, but it will only make him harder to defend to his various critics.

You can see the entirety of Kanye’s drunken (his words, not mine) outburst in the form of several tweets by clicking here. I’ve also included the video of his onstage humiliation below.

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