If John Lennon were today he’d probably be a TikTok-er, right? Well, probably not but now him and his music are on there regardless.

TikTok may not have been something that John Lennon would have gotten behind were he here today. Or perhaps he would have triumphantly championed it and other social media sites as a platform where he could share a message immediately with the entire world listening.

Whatever his thoughts may have been; his estate, Universal Music Group, and the huge video app TikTok have partnered to bring him onto the platform anyway. The musician has already earned over 360k likes and more than 50k followers since arriving on the platform last month.

The account shares images, video clips, quotes, and music from the late artist and beloved Beatle. Whatever your thoughts on the controversial peace-touter, the people behind the account are hoping to continue spreading his messages (or just sell records…) through this new account.

The launch of Lennon on TikTok also brings 11 of his tracks to the massive social video-sharing platform. TikTok users will now be able to use these tracks to soundtrack their own uploads. There’s also a Lennon TikTok “challenge” (do you think he’s rolling in that grave?) where fans can tag their uploads with #GimmeSomeTruth.