Japan’s Line Music gets a free tier, music videos and more this year

It’s going to be a massive year for Line Music as they launch a new freemium tier and bring music videos to their popular service.

Japanese music streaming service Line Music are celebrating their fourth anniversary with some major new additions to their platform. They’re opening up their service to even more users and launching new features that will enhance their music discovery and listening experience in brand new ways.

First up Line Music are offering new ways to listen to their gigantic, 50 million song library. They are planning to launch a freemium tier this year so users can sign up for free and listen to anything from their catalogue.

Rather than working like Spotify which intersperses ads between tracks, there will be a brief waiting period after listening to a track to listen before users can listen to it again. They hope this introduces people to the service but promotes upgrading for a better experience.

When it comes to content, music videos will be introduced to the platform. When listening to music on Line the option to watch the music video for the track will appear on songs with videos available to play.

Line Music are joining the game of intelligent music recommendations with a new AI. With the launch of a new interface Line are adding a radio function that plays a stream of music based on what’s popular and what the user has been listening to and likes. The new UI will also introduce the option to switch the theme between light and dark.

They also promise that in the future they want to strengthen their artificial intelligence and how it is used to introduce a playlist migration function and voice searches.

Line Music have over 11 million monthly active users after launching just 4 years ago. They’ve surpassed 32 million total downloads and boast an incredible library of more than 54 million tracks. They have secured themselves as a leading music service in Japan, and one of the biggest streamers in the world.

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