Boomtown 2019 is approaching bringing one of the world’s most unique festival experiences back for it’s 11th year running – bigger, badder, and better.

Boomtown goes beyond any regular person’s expectation of a “festival”. It goes beyond a field full of music. It takes the temporary communities that make festivals so special for the short time they exist, places it down on the table, stretches it beyond measure with a rolling pin, smothers it in flavour and colour of every sort imaginable and creates a one-of-a-kind “city”.

It’s less than 3 months until the Winchester countryside is transformed to become a sprawling pseudo-metropolis. Boomtown’s aim isn’t just to erect a few big tents and plonk artists in front of listeners. Boomtown is special because it creates a new world teeming with life and wonder.

Everywhere you look there is something new to be found. It could be spontaneous theatrics happening before your eyes in one of Boomtown’s many individual districts. It might be that you enter an extravagantly decorated tent none-the-wiser to what’s inside and find a band you’ve never heard of playing like their lives depend on it. It could be the immense wave of incredible acts powering out from the main stages.

Boomtown splits itself into four distinct areas each with their own style, feel and atmosphere that sets them apart. There is Hilltop, Downtown, Temple Valley and Whistlers Green to explore – with 11 districts across the four areas there are endless stories to become a part of as you explore the festival.

This year promises to be the best ever with 11 years of history cementing Boomtown as it’s own place in time and space – a capsule that re-appears once a year for a week of magic and festivities that can’t be recreated elsewhere.

The festival will be headlined by some major acts like legendary ex-Fugee Ms. Lauryn Hill. The combined forces of Cypress Hill and Rage Against the Machine take to the stage as Prophets of Rage. A symbol of British life from the early days of garage, Mike Skinner will also headline as The Streets.

Beyond that there is an insane amount of artists playing throughout the week. Seriously, take a look at the poster below for the staggering amount of music that you can catch at this year’s Boomtown Fair. Oh, and that’s not even the full list!

Needless to say we’re excited and we hope to see you there!

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