An understanding of how Instagram ranks specific types of content is important to finding success on the social media platform in 2023.

Have you ever noticed that the people you care about the most usually show at the top of Instagram or how Reels seems to understand the sort of videos you like? This is because Instagram monitors your behavior within the app and tunes algorithms that predict what you want to see and when.

In a new almost ten-minute video and extensive blog post, Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri gives an up-to-date explanation on how and why Instagram ranks Stories, Feed, Reels and Explore. Mosseri also talks about what you can do to manually tailor your results, as well as a bit about what shadowbanning is and how to check if your content is eligible to be recommended. Finally, towards the end of the video, he goes over how you can use all of this knowledge and your insights to grow your audience.

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