The plugin is based on an acoustic piano, combined with textures, to surround the environment and fill the space.

Infinite Space Piano from ZAK Sound has a simple and aesthetic interface, with piano keys along the bottom showing which keys are being pressed. The three vertical lines represent three different textures. The cube icon on the left combines a piano with a room reverb pushed to the limit. The contrast icon in the middle produces a balance of environmental textures. The infinity icon on the right turns on an endless bright tone. Each texture and the base piano have individual ADSR envelope controls, while master controls to the left manage the tone and output, with Lowcut, Width, Gain and Pan dials.

The plugin is available as a VST3 on 64-bit Windows 7 to 10, or as a VST3 or AU on macOS El Capitan to Monterey. 4GB of RAM on either system is recommended. Head to ZAK Sound to download, click Get it for free and create an account.