Image Credit: Deezer

French music streaming service Deezer updates their music identification feature SongCatcher to support humming, singing and whistling.

Deezer’s Shazam-like music identifying feature SongCatcher launched in 2018. Built right into the music streaming app, SongCatcher is used daily to help music lovers find thousands of songs.

When in SongCatcher, you can now simply tap “SING NOW” to switch to the new humming mode.

We’ve seen similar features added to other Shazam competitors like Google, but this is the first time we’ve seen humming/singing/whistling support integrated into a music streaming service.

Everyone knows how frustrating it can be to have a song stuck in their heads, and we’re very proud to be the first music streaming service in the world to give our users the opportunity to identify a track by just humming, singing or whistling it directly in the app. As we keep improving the algorithm, the feature will become faster and even more accurate when it comes to recognizing songs across our 90 million track library.

Alexandra Leloup, VP Core Product, Deezer

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