Some of the huge YouTube numbers revealed at Upfronts

Image Credit: YouTube

YouTube highlight just how popular the video platform, their creators and YouTube Shorts are across devices, such as TVs.

Upfronts is the annual gathering of digital and linear television advertisers. Year by year, the event seems to be less and less about broadcast TV and increasingly about streaming. YouTube see themselves as leading this change with seemingly endless content, creators and platforms. Director of Global Advertiser Marketing at YouTube, Cenk Bulbul shared some of the big numbers hoping to entice advertisers on to the platform.

All of the data below is available from YouTube, as well as Nielsen and Analytic Partners (via YouTube). Find more highlights from YouTube’s Brandcast on their Brandcast Hub, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube channel.

  • “YouTube is the #1 streaming platform across all devices, reaching over 230 million people in the US in one month alone.”
  • “Last year, 135 million people watched YouTube on their Connected TVs (CTV), representing every age bracket from 2+, including Gen Z to 55+.”
  • “YouTube has over 50% of ad-supported streaming watch time on TV screens.”
  • “Shorts are now averaging over 30 billion daily views, a 4X increase from a year ago.”
  • “If MrBeast’s YouTube channel was its own streaming service, it would have more subscribers than the next three most popular ad-supported streaming services.”
  • “We paid more than $30 billion to creators, artists, and media companies in the three years prior to November 2020.”

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