This site offers one of the greatest free resources to guide your promotion.

There are lots of different ways to spread the word about your concerts and get your music out to new fans. Bandsintown is a unique website and service that guides your promotion as an artist and works for venues too, to spread the word.

It’s totally free to sign up to their platform which gives you the power and resources to promote your events, reach more people, and sell more tickets. Use trackers and RSVPs to stay up to date with attendees and keep them in the loop with the event.

It’s perfect for labels and management as well as bands and artists on their own. You can manage multiple artists and their events on an account and sync them all up across the web.

You can even create and share videos to promote your tours and upcoming gigs for a marketing scheme that truly engages. Over 50 million live music fans use Bandsintown to see what’s happening in their area and find the concerts they want to go to.

Over 500,000 artists use the platform to spread the word and manager their tour dates. Promote your music beyond the concert by directly messaging your followers and concert goers to promote your music, keep them updated on new tours, and notify them about your merch.

Whether you’re a concert lover or an artist with gigs to promote, you can sign up to Bandsintown for free now.

Today at 2PM ET you can watch a free webinar with a guide to using their free tools and how to use it to build your fanbase, sell more tickets, and market your merchandise. Sign up for the free webinar here: