How to make a song using a Greyhound bus as an instrument

Making a song with one instrument sounds like a tough undertaking but what if your sole source of instrumentals was one, giant Greyhound bus?

Prolific YouTuber and musician Andrew Huang set out to find out just that and with some incredible results. Huang, famous for his unique experimentation with music and “alternative” instruments, was the challenge by Greyhound to create an entire song using only one of their buses for sound.

From creating a clap sound by buckling the seatbelt to making a hi-hat noise by rubbing on the fabric of the chairs, Huang created a full song just by experimenting with the possible noises made on a bus. Not only is it an impressive task but, thanks to Huang’s talented musicianship, it also resulted in a wicked and totally unique sounding track – Give it a listen!

As with many of Huang’s videos it shows the massive capabilities of making music by being creative with natural sounds. You don’t always need a full band behind you or a MIDI keyboard full of synths to create a dope track, and by being creative with samples you can truly create something that sounds like nothing ever created before.

Check out the making of the track below:

Hopefully this challenge can inspire you to get out and record some sounds from unexpected places to inspire you in all new ways.

Check out Andrew Huang’s YouTube channel for regular videos on creating music in new and profound ways as well as taking a look at some of the most innovative new music instruments and tech coming out.

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