How About Some George Formby?

What sort of a reaction do you suspect I get whenever I inform someone that George Formby is comfortably in my top ten list of favourite songwriters?

Massive respect for my excellent taste? A knowing sigh as someone remembers the brilliance of an artist so often forgotten? No, I get ridiculed, then I get called an idiot whilst the person questions everything they ever may have thought to be good about my core being.

I presume that many of you had this exact same reaction, or something similar to it at least. That’s fine, however before you click away from this page I plead that you ask yourself a question; have you ever listened to any of the great man’s music?

So, you were dismissing Formby as a novelty act without having ever given him a chance? You’ve probably only heard the admittedly slightly cack ‘When I’m Cleaning Windows’. If this is the case, then in context it’s a little bit like listening to ‘Yellow Submarine’ and ignoring the rest of the Beatles’ back catalogue.

It’s a real concern to me that as the world gets older it will forget about George Formby. That is why I am providing you with two audio gems to give a listen; 1) A mash up of the above mentioned ‘Cleaning Windows’ with Aphex Twin’s ‘Windowlicker’, and 2) a live performance of a song that never fails to raise a smile ‘Leaning On A Lamp Post’.

Please, have a listen and should you enjoy it, force it upon everyone you can.

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When I’m Licking Windows (George Formby Vs. Aphex Twin) by DJReach

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