Help Test Maize’s New Sampler

maizeFeel like helping develop a new piece of sampling software? Maize are currently developing the Beta version of Maize Sampler 2, to go alongside their ‘Modular Studio Environment’ a VST and effect chaining/mixing shell. They’re inviting producers to download the latest version of the sampler beta, and use it for a couple of weeks before reporting back with feedback and information on any bugs you might find. Be quick though, the software’s license will run out in a fortnight’s time.

K-Devices TATAT: endless inspiring MIDI sequences

K-Devices TATAT offers an abundance of creative inspiration, all based on mood. TATAT by K-Devices will create a never-ending stream of notes and sequences based on the “mood” that you dial in!

How do you make playlists on TikTok?

More users can now create TikTok playlists from their videos! Read on to learn how to make playlists on TikTok.

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