Grooveshark has been having a little trouble signing the major records labels to their service. It seems that the majors try suing Grooveshark first and then sign a license deal with them later. Merlin is the latest major music company to sign with Grooveshark. Thus, this concludes the Merlin litigation against Grooveshark, always a nice starting point for a fruitful renegotiation.

It just seems like these major music companies are using litigation as a means to gain better terms in the negotiations.

Merlin chief Charles Caldas offered some words of caution against further funny business. “We wish Grooveshark all the best going forward and hope that this will be an important reminder to other music services looking to launch soon,” Caldas said.

I really think Merlin should stop with the heavy handed tactics or soon they will lose some of the labels within their walls!