Microsoft’s newly rebranded Groove Music has been updated so that you can discover new music whilst streaming to Sonos speakers.

Microsoft’s community manager Ellen Kilbourne, the woman who has become synonymous with Groove’s regular updates, has announced via Twitter an update to Groove Music on Sonos. It’s not a giant update but it brings ‘Playlists For You’ to Sonos for a personalised experience.

Playlists For You is a feature that was already available from Groove Music’s desktop and mobile apps. It offers up playlists recommended by Groove that they base on your music tastes. Much like Spotify’s successful Discover Weekly playlists, Playlists For You are built from your streaming history and help you to discover new music.

With the new update you can now stream Playlists For You through your Sonos speakers. Microsoft added Sonos support last year after rebranding their ignored service Xbox Music as Groove Music.

If you’re a Groove Music subscriber you can find Playlists For You under ‘Your Groove’ in the app.