Audio-Technica bring another pair of luxury headphones to a market filled with mediocre quality music.

Audio-Technica have unveiled their new flagship headphones in the Audio Technica high end luxury headphones music listening top rangeshape of the ATH-ADX5000. The luxury headphones come with a luxury price-tag of $1,999 – it may be expensive but you get a fancy little suitcase to carry them around in.

The headphones are the next in line of Audio-Technica’s “Air Dynamic” series. Past models have been lauded by users and critics for their high-end audio but have never had such a high cost. Whilst the ATH-ADX5000 model may be the latest in a series Audio-Technica have worked from the ground up to create an entirely new pair of headphones with these.

The ATH-ADX5000’s will feature new 58mm tungsten-coated drivers under the shell. The ear-cups feature an open back design like many of it’s predecessors

The ATH-ADX5000’s feature an open back design on their ear cups like many of it’s predecessors. Under the shell of the ear cups are new 58mm tungsten-coated drivers delivering phenomenal audio straight to your ear holes. With an impedance of 420 ohms these headphones pack a serious punch, but their punch is so powerful that you will need an amplifier for the best experience.

Audio Technica high end luxury headphones music listening top rangeThe headband takes on a strange new look with two bands that go over your head, though it looks comfy and less invasive than one big cushioned band. The ear muffs also have a new covering, with an Alcantra covering over the padded cushions.

Audio-Technica are clearly going after total audiophiles with their latest release with super high end specs for crystal sound, but is it worth $1,999? They aren’t the first to give a pair of headphones such a high price, and certainly aren’t the most expensive, but with the abundance of standard-quality music out there I don’t know how much £1000 will make to your experience except when listening through the finest of players, to your rare MQA audio that is being outputted through your signal amplifier to your next-level quality headphones – but I guess then you’re truly listening… right?

The Audio-Technica ATH-ADX5000 will go on sale in November this year at £1,990, $1,999, and €2,190. The headphones will also be available to check out and listen to at IFA next week in Berlin.