Google’s AI music generator launches a brand new DJ mode that has you mixing and matching beats in a brand new way.

Launched in 2023, MusicFX allows users to create music simply by providing text descriptions. Describe the mood, genre, instrumentation, or even the feeling you want to evoke, and MusicFX uses its artificial intelligence to generate a unique soundscape.

The AI experiment has just received a new feature, fit for transforming the tool into a DJ booth. The update introduces a “DJ mode” that lets you layer and mix multiple AI-generated music tracks in real-time, creating a dynamic and evolving composition.

The new DJ mode enhances the AI tool with brand new potential. You can now create complex compositions by layering up to ten different AI-generated tracks. Simply type in different prompts for each layer, and MusicFX will generate music that complements each other.

Using a mixer-style interface users can easily adjust the volume of each layer to experiment with combinations. Let fate decide on a brand new sound by using the dice icon to create a random prompt for a layer.

The new DJ tool was previewed at the launch party for renowned musician Jacob Collier’s Djesse Vol. 4 album. Google say: “From Jacob Collier to our new Lab Session with visual artists, our teams are excited to learn from creators and build for them.”

The current version of DJ mode doesn’t let you export your creations, so for now it is a fun and experimental tool purely for playing. Google seem to be moving quickly with expanding this fun musical AI tool, having released a big upgrade earlier this year. Similarly, they have upgraded their VideoFX tool for generating videos with AI and ImageFX which produces images from Google’s DeepMind.

As AI proliferates, so does the concern over distinguishing AI-generated content. Google promise that “all of the content produced from VideoFX, ImageFX, and MusicFX is digitally watermarked with SynthID”. TikTok have likewise announced recent advancements in their platform to add watermarking for AI content, as well as content produced using their own AI tools.