Get this free waveshaper plugin Shape from Audec

Image Credit: Audec

New free plugin alert! Shape is a free wavefolder plugin and waveshaper VST and AU made to create shapely curves.

Shape is a new free VST plugin by VST/AU plugin developer Audec that combines a waveshaper and wavefolder with simple but effective results. Grab it right now for free.

You can easily manipulate the plugin using the simple interface. There’s five shaping curves to choose from: Soft Clip, Hard Clip, Tube, Triangle, or Sine. Here it is in action:

Control the gain with the Input control for more harmonics. The Scope shows the shaping curve, range of audio signal and selects the shaping curve. Oversampling reduces alias noise. Get warm harmonics with the Bias control. There’s also a basic Dry/Wet dial.

The Shape plugin is available for Mac and Windows in VST3/AU format.

Get the free VST plugin download here.

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