Christmas is a time for generosity and few are being as generous as Samples From Mars who are giving away their MASSIVE library of high quality samples for over 95% off.

Samples From Mars have been selling high quality sample packs for 5 years offering everything from incredible drum machines, classic and iconic synthesizers and more. Combined all of their excellent sample packs are worth $1,367 but as a holiday treat the lovely people from Samples From Mars are offering their entire website’s worth of offerings for just $39.

Drum machines are their speciality, and they are extensively multi-sampled one shots, based on the parameters on each drum machine. Where available, they sample every pitch, decay, etc (in Ableton there are Macros that select different drum machine pitches, which makes a huge difference in sounding like the original drum machine).

Beyond their incredible collection of drum sounds Samples From Mars offer an extensive library of multi-sampled one shots from some of the coolest synthesizers in history from stuff that hasn’t been sampled like vintage Russian synths to the classics we all know and love.

Speaking on sampling synths, they say: “On the keyboard itself, we spend days synthesizing the coolest and most useable patches – juicy analog bass, warm pads, cutting leads, wild FX – the list goes on, and greatly varies with each synth. Then, we multi-sample every note, often sampling additional filter and modulation settings. Usually we record synths pretty cleanly, but sometimes we’ll hit various tubes and saturators and even tape!”

You can tell they’re passionate about what they do and it’s represented in their high quality samples. There’s even more to enjoy beyond drums and synths as well, with Found Sounds offering ambient sound from reality like thunder, drill bursts, rain hitting different objects and more recorded and presented in a package that creates unique inspiration.

On top of all of that there are acoustic drums, Rhodes, Clavinet, bass, guitar, vocals, obscure records, dogs barking and more all for just $39 – so why haven’t you bought them already!?