Image Credit: Skybox Audio

Drop Designer from Skybox Audio is packed with fun multi-fx presets and quick sound shaping features to make samples your own.

Simply drag and drop your samples into Drop Designer to turn your samples into something new. With automatic mapping and syncing, your samples are always in the right key and host tempo. Manipulate the sound with Mutate XY, or use Velocity Modeling to give multi-sample feeling expression. Included with the download are 50 free samples to help get you started.

  • Pitch and Volume Detection – Smart Auto-Mapping: Instantly map samples to the most usable range while making up for missing volume
  • Velocity Modeling – Expression From A Single Sample: Turn single samples into expressive instruments with an organic multi-sampled feel
  • Fast Tweaking – Make It Yours: Finesse or mangle the original sample’s tone and timbre quickly with easy controls
  • Time Stretching and Sync – Grid Life: Keep samples in time while changing pitch and sync rhythmic loops to your host tempo
  • Inspiring FX Presets – Instant Gratification: Sauce it up quick with lots of multi-effects presets that add that drip to your drops
  • Fresh Drops – New Free Content Added All The Time: With 50 new one-shots and melodies from Hammers + Waves to get you started
The Drop Designer interface in Kontakt
Image Credit: Skybox Audio

Head to Skybox Audio and sign up to their email list for a free download of Drop Designer. You need the full version of Kontakt version 6.5.0 or higher, on macOS 10.11 or later, or Windows 7 or later, with at least 4GB of RAM and 270MB of free drive space.