Image Credit: Diginoiz

Described as tough, rough, harsh and possibly even drastic, new plugin TrapDrive is free for a week on Audio Plugin Deals, usually $23.36.

Based on sounds heard in tunes like XXXTENTACION – Look At Me!, Scarlxrd – Heart Attack and BONES – HDMI, TrapDrive is perfect for distorting drum one shots, 808/bass type sounds, vocals, heavy metal guitar and EDM synths.

The plugin is controlled via four knobs: Input, Type, Amount and Output, plus three buttons: Bypass, Supress DC and Oversample 4x. The Type knob switches between eight kinds of distortion including hard clipping and bit crushing. Throw it on a track and dial up the Amount knob to get started.

Image Credit: Diginoiz

TrapDrive works on any DAWs that support VST3 (Windows) or VST3/AU (macOS). VST2 is not supported. Minimum OS requirement is Windows 7 (64-bit) or macOS 10.12 (64-bit). The plugin is free until 2nd September on Audio Plugin Deals. Click the button below and choose ADD TO CART.