Learn, play and create chord progressions with this free online generator

Image Credit: ToneGym

Musician’s favourite online ear training site ToneGym have revamped their Chord Progression Generator, helping anyone learn and play.

ToneGym is full of music theory games to help you detect intervals, identify chords, learn scales, find the rhythm and more. Built according to voice-leading principles, their revamped Chord Progression Generator is free, fun and informative, perfect for quickly finding a chord progression for your next hit or building your skills.

Open the site and cycle through 30 essential progressions, such as Pachelbel’s Canon progression, 50s progression, Cadence progression and Happy progression. Choose a tonic, tempo and mode (harmonic or arpeggio), then turn on looping to jam along. You’ll see the keys on a keyboard or frets on a guitar light up as they are played. Login with a free account to create, play and save your own custom progressions.

Under the tool, you’ll find plenty of information to help you learn what chord progressions are, understanding roman numerals, popular chord progressions in music and much more, including links to helpful videos from third-parties.

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