First DAW To Touch On Windows 7

Multitrack Studio 6 has become one of the first to release a DAW (digital audio workstation) compatible with Windows 7.

Not a compulsory feature of the software, in addition to the mouse and keyboard the DAW has the ability to be controlled by multiple simultaneous touches and drags on the screen. A touch keyboard, which can be played by touching the screen is among the features included at no extra cost.

Those who have already purchased the previous edition, after September 1st this year, can upgrade at no extra cost, as well as those who are upgrading from an older version who can benefit from buying it at a discounted price.

Mutlitrack studio professional can be bought for £69. While the pro-plus package, which will support automation, sample rates of over 48kHz and bit-rates at and above 16-bit at a cost of just $119.

Promo demonstrations of the the software with all the trimmings can be enjoyed below.

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    Nuendo is the way to go. Why, you ask? Simply because it gives you so much to work with, you might not even get to use most of the interesting things offered. In a post-production environment, Nuendo is just overkill for me. THAT’S why it’s awesome. Plus, you don’t get any touchscreen capabilities, yet….See I still get the pleasure of using my mouse and keyboard. Seriously, who would want a totally smooth, interactive, hands-on multi-media production system? I sure as heck wouldn’t. That would take away all my years of non-touchscreen conditioning that i’ve learn to love away from me. I dont like change. No but seriously though, this sounds like a good idea. 🙂

    Nuendo is the way to go. No touch screen capabilities…yet. Its awesome, post-production to much for me…yadi-yada-yadaa. How rude of you guys to moderate my previous comment. 🙂

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