Have you always felt like something isn’t quite right when you’re listening to music with ear/headphones, like something is missing? Well if the missing piece was a wrist-worn subwoofer then you’re sorted, I guess.

The Basslet is an intriguing idea, but whether it’s one worth spending $112 on… well decide for yourself. Basslet is intended to enhance your listening by letting you experience the bass vibrations that you lose when isolating your music straight down your ear holes.

It’s a wrist-worn, miniature subwoofer that recreates the feeling you get when the bass is pumping at a club or you’re at a James Blake’s gig with an overeager sound engineer. The miniaturised sub is silent to the outside world but recreates bass frequencies down to 10 Hz that resonate through your wrist and into your body to create a “deep sound experience”.

Basslet wrist audio enhancement subwoofer bass

Basslet connects to your phone through a dongle that plugs into your headphone jack, with an output for your actual headphones of course. It can last for over 6 hours at max volume and takes less than an hour to charge. If you’re worried about how you’d look walking around with a vibrating bracelet the Basslet has been designed to look just like a modern digital watch or smartwatch (except there’s no screen of course).

It makes for a more intense and involved listening experience but seems to me like the sort of gimmick that is intriguing, but ultimately useless. But then I’m sure if I ever tried it out I’d be convinced it’s a must have for audiophiles to get a full, immersive experience with personal music listening. So maybe it’s best I never see it and don’t give in €139+ for the device.

If you’re interested in getting a Basslet for yourself they currently have a Kickstarter where you can purchase discounted, early Basslet’s whilst supporting Lofelt, the company behind Basslet. You can get an Early Bird Basslet now for €129, shipping expected to start in December.