Image Credit: Yahoo News UK

British chart-topping singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran, continues to leave an indelible mark on the music industry with his latest achievement being nothing short of historic.

Sheeran has become the first British artist to receive the prestigious Gold BRIT Billion Award after reaching an astonishing 10 billion streams in the United Kingdom.

The Official Charts Company’s data analysis and the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), the record industry’s trade association, confirmed this extraordinary milestone.

Ed has won another award…

Of the 10 billion streams, over one billion flowed in over the past 12 months. Ed Sheeran’s enduring popularity and the unwavering support of his devoted fans have seen him reach the UK Top 10 numerous times, and the Gold BRIT Billion Award is a symbol of his significant impact on the industry.

The BPI has been actively recognizing streaming milestones in recent years, introducing the ‘BRIT Billion’ award to honour artists from various nationalities who reach the 1 billion career streams mark in the UK.

Now, Sheeran’s remarkable feat of 10 billion career streams is an unprecedented achievement, making him the first recipient of the coveted Gold BRIT Billion Award.

In an Instagram video where he proudly displays the prestigious award, Sheeran expressed his gratitude to his fans, saying, “Thank you so much for all the streams. It’s a pleasure, I love being British.”

Of course, Sheeran’s success extends well beyond streaming. He has repeatedly etched his name into the annals of music history, becoming the first artist to secure four albums in the Official Albums Chart Top 10 for an entire year.

Additionally, he is the first British solo artist to maintain a year-long reign at No. 1 across his singles catalogue on the Official Singles Chart.

Chart-topping success

With seven BRIT Awards to his name already and an impressive 14 UK No. 1 singles, to say Ed Sheeran’s impact on the global music scene is big is an understatement. His latest album, “Autumn Variations,” released in September this year, follows the chart-topping success of his earlier release, “- (Subtract),” which debuted earlier in May.

Ed Sheeran’s ability to connect with audiences through his music with his intimate songwriting and willingness to explore personal themes has undoubtedly helped him get where he is today. The artist says he believes that love and vulnerability are universal themes that resonate with people, making his music relatable and emotionally charged.

As the recipient of the Gold BRIT Billion Award, Ed Sheeran joins an established group of artists who have achieved extraordinary streaming success. Furthermore, the award underscores the transformative impact of streaming on the music industry, with approximately 85% of the UK’s recorded music consumption now happening through digital streaming platforms.

Ed Sheeran’s legacy continues to grow, and his influence on the music industry remains unparalleled. With this historic achievement, he solidifies his status as a British music icon and a global phenomenon, leaving an indomitable mark on the world of music streaming.