Image Credit: Dawit

Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo is loaded with a BPM calculator, rhyme finder, guitar/ukulele chord helper and more.

DuckDuckGo markets itself as an alternative to Google without the personalized results and tracking, but did you know it’s got a couple of music-related tricks up its sleeve? These handy tips were found thanks to Create Digital Music. All of the results below work on both desktop and the mobile site.

BPM Calculator

DuckDuckGo’s built-in BPM calculator is a super fast way to find the duration of each note at that speed. Type any BPM and DuckDuckGo will show you the length of each note type in milliseconds, as well as values for triplets and dotted notes. To learn more about each note type, just click one of the boxes.

Type “… BPM”


An easy way to find all of the words that rhyme with any chosen word, via RhymeBrain. Perfect for lyric help.

Type “what rhymes with …”

Guitar and Ukulele Tabs

Find how to play any guitar or ukulele chord with a simple search term.

Type “… guitar tab” or “… ukulele tab”

Note Frequency

Finally, DuckDuckGo can also find the frequency of a note in A440 tuning. Great for programming your synthesizer.

Type “note frequency …”

It may not be quite as private, but Google recently built a guitar tuner into their search results.