Morning Music Fans (it was morning when i wrote this OK). For what looks like becoming the best Download so far, an a tough one to beat in the future. RouteNote have decided to throw out a few reasons why this one is much better than the rest as well as help you learn the juicy line-up!

  • With a so far unconfirmed or really too reliable number of tickets sold for the festival so far, which i’m betting means they don’t know yet because of the sheer volume. Download, regardless of the acts on, will have the biggest number of legitimate music lovers in the campsite they’ve ever had. This is backed up by the fact that they released another 10,000 ticket around only a month after original release.
  • AC/DC will be performing on the 30th anniversary of thee biggest selling Rock ‘N’ Roll album ever “Back In Black”. On the 30th anniversary of the UK’s biggest Rock’N’Roll festival. ON TOP OF it being the biggest year for Download tickets sale. That makes it a Rock’N’Roll biggest to the power of three, which is huge!
  • Rage Against the Machine are continuing something of a comeback off the back one of the closest Christmas No.1 races the country has seen in 10 years and the successful free London shows. Apart from the obvious brilliance of the band’s live performances which have no doubt done there part in bolstering the ticket sales.  And Bigger crowds + Warm Beer ÷ Weekend =  more fun! Good work everyone…….
  • The knock-on affect of the extra ticket sales have pushed the organizers to open the campsite much earlier this year. The argument is that this will in fact decrease congestion, making it easier for the necessary authorities to monitor things like ticket touts and skint music lovers sneaking in. As well as, theft within the grounds and exhausted moshers needed much needed attention. On top of the obvious benefits of the stepped up security and larger police presence.
  • The other festival line-ups this year have largely be seen to be controversial by some and just plain out of date by others. It’s not our words, it seems to be public opinion, with distressed regular tickets buyer’s explaining they’re anger in forum after forum. With acts like the Libertine’s being payed extortionate amounts of money for one-off dates that in their opinions (the general public) add to a loss of integrity to the said events. Making Download this years festival of choice for regulars and music fans in general, not just metallers.

The main act for each stage are:

Main stage Friday: AC/DC. Them Crooked Vultures. Wolfmother.

Saturday: Rage Against The Machine. Deaftones. Megadeath.

Sunday: Aerosmith. Stone Temple Pilots. Motorhead.

Second Stage Friday: Bullet For My Valentine. Coheed And Cambria.  A Day To Remember.

Saturday: 30 Seconds To Mars. HIM. The Blackout.

Sunday: StoneSour. Airbourne. Steel Panther.

Pepsi-Max Stage Friday: Job For A Cowboy. As I Lay Dying. Tyketto.

Saturday: Micheal Munroe. Skin. Y&T.

Sunday: Suicidal Tendencies. Zebrahead. Young Guns

Redbull Bedroom Jam Stage Friday: Funeral Party. IMICUS. The Humour.

Saturday: Breed 77. Glamour Of The Kill. The Dead Lay Waiting.

Sunday: Panic Cell. T-34. Esoterica.