Discover New Music Using Aivvy’s Smart Headphones

Aivvy’s new Smart Headphones connect to the cloud and internally discover and recommend music for you.

In a world first Aivvy have created headphones that internalise everything you need to play music so you can just slip them on and listen. The headphones connect to Aivvy’s own cloud music service that is dedicated just for their Smart Headphones and creates channels of music based on the music you like.

Using touch gestures on the device the Smart Headphones will learn your preferences and transfer them to the cloud service when you connect the headphones up to charge. You can either like or skip tracks using the headphones’ touch features or use the companion app for mobile to customise your channels. When first using Smart Headphones you will have 8 music channels by default to start with, all of which will refresh when your tastes are updated.

Aivvy cofounder David Ring said: “Our vision is to bring Aivvy to all audio devices so fans can enjoy a truly personal music experience wherever they are. We are combining high quality audio products and an intelligent music platform into any device with a speaker, delivering a revolutionary “heads up” music listening experience that can be immediately and easily enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

“The exciting part of Aivvy is the smart delivery service that learns your taste in music and serves music to you accordingly. Sure, it’s releasing now as headphones, but you’ll see Aivvy start to pop up in portable speakers, sound bars, and even inside your car.”

Aivvy Headphones won the Innovation Award at CES . You can pre-order Aivvy Smart Headphones now for $299 and get a year of music streaming for free, expected to launch and deliver in Spring 2016.


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