Die Antwoord Is Not Necessarily The Answer

die antwoordSouth Africa has a vibrant, varied and sometimes incomprehensible, as this video evidences. No, Die Antwoord not a spoof, although I bet The Lonely Island guys are teary eyed in admiration. Imagine Vanilla Ice’s weedy cousin, dressed entirely from the Salvation Army’s 10p bin, and his vertically challenged girlfriend rapping with thick South African accents over bouncy “Next Level” European Techno beats, or possibly a nice bit of Donk. I don’t know if it’s good, but it’s different, and quite stunning – I just hope and pray they know about irony in South Africa.

“If you don’t like funerals, don’t kick sand in a ninja’s face.”

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    Incomprehensible what?

    Die Antwoord is most certainly the answer. If you can’t see that you’re certainly not on the right Level.

    Whoosh! Something just went straight over your head. But seriously, we South Africans do know what irony is, we send black people down the mines to get it then sell it to you guys in the overseas.

    Die Antwoord se rympies sal jou in die fokken kop skop, you will see.

    It’s embarrassing to think that I live in the same country as them. Luckily I know that (just like everything else that is smothered in a bad Afrikaans South-African accents) that this is just done in order to be funny. No one really talks like that… but that doesn’t make it less retarded or less embarrassing. I only wish I knew why the entire world is entertained by this? Cheap comedy.

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