Image Credit: Deezer

Deezer’s improved “Mixes inspired by…” playlists promote music discovery based on the tracks you already love.

Now prominently displayed at the top of the desktop and mobile homepage, these playlists help you “discover new tracks similar to your favorites”. Much like other recommendation powered playlists on Deezer, such as Flow, “Mix inspired by” playlists are enabled by AI, advanced algorithms and editorial expertise.

Deezer’s latest blog post describes how the playlists help users find new favorites. “The “mix inspired by” feature is being continuously improved, with an algorithm built on the relationships between millions of songs and artists, popularity on playlists with both users and editors, moods, genres and many other factors.”

We are very proud of this feature, and know that people use it to discover new songs that they wouldn’t necessarily have found otherwise. We have created a very precise algorithm that gives our users the perfect mix of songs that match their taste, blended with surprises that make them come back to discover more.

Thomas Bouabca, Director of Data Science, Deezer

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