Dear Lily (An Open Letter To Lily Allen), Why You Being So Silly!

Im sure by now everyone is sick of hearing about Lily Allen and her outburst about music piracy. Im really hoping that someone apart from a musician who clearly doesnt know the industry speaks out on the music piracy topic, but in the mean time I came across a great song from UK singer songwriter Dan Bull.

[EDIT] We’ve mentioned Dan Bull before on this blog, and his other nostalgia inducing track ‘Generation Gaming’: if this raises a smile you might want to go and check out our favourite gaming blog Wire Ninja

Facebook and Instagram share new ways for creators to earn a living on the social media platforms

A new video from Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri and a blog post from Meta outlines the new monetization tools on Facebook and Instagram.

QQ Music dips its toes into the Metaverse with “Music Zone”

QQ Music, one of Tencent’s music streaming services in China, launches alpha testing of their virtual community “Music Zone”.

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