It Seems Like Eliza Doolittle is Trying to Be Lily Allen! Terrible Rollerblades Video

Eliza Doolittle seems to be getting unwanted attention with comparisons to Lily Allen. Eliza has just released her third single Rollerblades, and here is what her labelmate Lily Allen had to say about the Rollerblades video:

Lily Allen To Perform Her Last Gig at the Big Chill Festival on Friday

Lily Allen is scheduled to make her final live appearance at the Big Chill Festival on August 5—and it’s a pretty good way to go out when you consider she’ll be performing alongside Thom Yorke, Massive Attack and MIA.

Would Lady Gaga rather be Pirated than Spotted?

As we published in this post, that’s certainly the standpoint of Swedish artist, Magnus Uggla and the Lady might well feel the same, based on the information in this post, saying that she was only paid…

Dear Lily (An Open Letter To Lily Allen), Why You Being So Silly!

Im sure by now everyone is sick of hearing about Lily Allen and her outburst about music piracy. Im really hoping that someone apart from a musician who clearly doesnt know the industry speaks out…

Lily Allen and the File Sharing Debate

Lily Allen has proven herself once again to be adept at both putting herself in the limelight and her foot in her mouth. Entering the debate on illegal music file sharing over the internet facilitated…