Here is the new video and free download from Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern. The track is “Calling Out Your Name Again”, which is scheduled to be reelased October 11. Here is what Darren had to say about the new video and release:

A few friends who have already seen this video have said that I have too much time on my hands. This isn’t true, but I do have a compulsive nature and when I start something, I mean to finish it. No idea is too stupid for me to pursue and time and effort shouldn’t be the reason for not doing something. I am currently building a life size model of my dog out of Lego. No, really I am.

This video is made using one sheet of card that is constantly scanned in between me drawing or erasing or painting over parts of it. I had no concious plan or storyboard though I would occasionally draw something that reflected a line from the song. The main thing was put Radio 4 on, make a cup of tea, then draw, scan, draw, scan, draw, scan etc.

It took about 2 months. I won’t be doing it again. I hope you like it.

Calling Out Your Name Again from Darren Hayman on Vimeo.

Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern – ‘Calling Out Your Name Again’ by LukeSlater