This YouTube video of an original song made up of lots of classical music melodies sounds amazing.

Watch as melodies by Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and a myriad of other classical composers come together one video to create a mighty mashup of classical music. YouTuber grantwoolard has put together a video featuring a string of classical music melodies played by digital piano.

It’s not grantwoolard’s first rodeo – carry on down the YouTube rabbit hole and check out their other composer mashup videos.

How many famous works can you identify? Or, simply observe in the YouTube comment section the heroes who have spotted all the classical music pieces in the video so that you don’t have to.

The best part is that all 70 refrains fit together incredibly smoothly to form one long coherent song. The heads bobbing along the staves do however highlight how white and male the most famous faces of classical music are. Still sounds cool though.

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