RouteNote has cemented itself as one of the most affordable music distribution services in the world. RouteNote has both a Free and Premium model, which lets artists maximise their revenues depending upon their release performance.

RouteNote Offers the Following:

  • Free (artists keep 85%) and Premium (pay small fee and keep 100%)
  • Great customer service – ability to talk with a member of staff on the phone or via email
  • Direct deals with all the leading digital stores and streaming services – unlike a lot of distributors RouteNote develops and control a full technology stack
  • YouTube Network and Content ID – One of the fastest growing YouTube MCN Networks in the world and the ability to use Content ID to control your rights management
  • Soundcloud Network – First Distributor in the world to partner with Soundcloud to help artists make money from their music
  • Free ISRC and UPC codes
  • Monthly reports and payments
  • Referral program – ability to refer your friends and receive a percentage of their royalties