Chili Peppers Drummer Solo Project


Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith set a date for a solo album that will be in the shops to buy in the US in September 15th.

Smith has settled on the name, “Chad Smiths bombastic meatbats; Meet the meatbats”. Chad explains to the world that he is heavily influenced by all the now solid, veteran drummers that poured out of England during the 60’s and 70’s including Ian Pace of Deep Purple, Ginger Baker and Led Zeppelins John Bonham.

Other Chad Smith related projects include collaborations with Joe Stariani, Sammy Hagar and Micheal Anthony under the name Chickenfoot that came out July this year and topped billboards in America. No album release dates have been announced for bombastic meatbats in the UK.

Heath Ledger’s Modern Mouse Video King Rat


A new music video that was directed by the late actor Heath Ledger for the Modest Mouse song “King Rat” will premier online today. Ledger presented Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse with an idea to direct a video back in January 2007 while in Australia. Ledger’s intention for the video’s theme was to raise awareness about the issue of whales that are hunted down illegally for commercial purposes off the coast of Australia each year.

The video was fully conceived down to the last detail but unfinished when Heath passed away in January of 2008. The video company The Masses (a film and music company which Heath was a partner in), completed the video in his honor with the full support of Brock.

Proceeds from iTunes video downloads in the first month of release will go toward Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization organization committed to ending the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.

Blinky Review of RouteNote

This morning we got sent a great link from one of our artists about a glowing review of our service. Here at RouteNote we are always trying to improve our service and provide artists what they want. If anyone ever has any suggestions on what you want to see on our service then please get in touch and let us know.

Getting Your Music onto iTunes: full article

RouteNote is a cut above the rest in about every aspect of the game.

routenote article

RouteNote user statistics get a makeover!

At RouteNote we are constantly thinking up new ways to improve the site for our clients and partners. The latest launch has been a makeover of the user statistics presentation that enables both artist and label to view their sales and downloads with ease. Clear, dynamic, graphs and drop down selectors make it easy to isolate the statistics of a track, an album or even an entire artist’s catalogue.

Some key features:

  • Label level information – record labels are now presented with total earnings over all artists in a summary and monthly breakdown.
  • Top ten tracks – record labels and artists are now provided with a top ten of their uploaded tracks.
  • Artist breakdown – in addition to our previous album/track breakdown we have updated an artist breakdown, which should allow record labels to keep track of their artists individually.
  • Territory download percentage – this percentage pie charts shows the user in which territories their label/artists/albums/tracks are selling. This will be useful for targeting your market and optimising your promotion strategy.
  • Retail store downloads – this percentage pie chart compares the ratio between sales in each digital store.

Please take the time to asses the new changes and all feedback, good or bad (not too bad or you’ll make us cry), is welcome!

Thanks to all clients for your constant support, happy selling!


The RouteNote Team

Glastonbury Hits 1.9 Million Viewers for Blur

U.K. rock act Blur’s headline set at Glastonbury got 1.9 million viewers for the BBC’s live coverage of the final night of the festival.

Blur, who reformed for summer dates, wrapped the 170,000-capacity event on the Pyramid Stage in Somerset last night (June 28). The other main stage headliners were Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band.

Ratings peaked at 1.9 million on BBC2 during Blur’s set last night. Overall BBC2’s coverage of the final night had an average of 800,000 and a 9% share between 10pm and 1am, according to unofficial figures.

The BBC reportedly had a total of 7 million viewers watching Glastonbury coverage on BBC2 over the weekend. There was also coverage on digital channels BBC3 and BBC4.

Meanwhile, Glastonbury organizer Michael Eavis said he has already got four major acts lined up for next year’s 40th anniversary event. Two of the acts have not played before, he added.

Falmouth Sound – Live Music in Cornwall this August

fs logoRouteNote is proud to be associated with Falmouth Sound, a new live music event set against a beautiful waterside backdrop at Events Square, Falmouth Sound 2009 promises an eclectic mix of quality music from 21st-century indie, blues and folk to vintage reggae, rocksteady and ska for two days and two nights this August Bank Holiday weekend.

Brought to you by a passionate bunch of music and events aficionados who’ve worked their magic behind the scenes at the likes of Glastonbury, Beautiful Days and The Eden Sessions, Falmouth Sound brings you two days with two very different vibes to get your hands clapping and feet skanking – the ultimate way to send off the summer in style.

Saturday 29th August

Technicolour indie rockers and festival favourites The Wombats (whose single ‘Let’s Dance to Joy Division’ won them Best Dancefloor Filler at the NME Awards) top the bill on Saturday, supported by The Boxer Rebellion (who’ve outsold artists including Kings Of Leon, Coldplay and MGMT on US iTunes), finger-picking blues meets Ninja Tune man Fink, one of the music industry’s most non-talked about geniuses, Foy Vance, Ireland’s more sophisticated reply to Van Morrison, and Melo Park, the acoustic brainchild of Kosheen’s Sian Evans.

Sunday 30th August

On a completely different tip, The Wailers (the most famous reggae band in the world, who backed Bob Marley and have sold over 250 million albums) are heading up the show on the Sunday, backed by the two-tone power of The Neville Staple band, featuring Pauline Black – respectively an ex-Special and the glorious voice of The Selecter, and the mighty Gabbidon, offering a fusion of reggae, rock, ska and jazz styles from one of the founding members of the legendary 1970s band Steel Pulse.

Further big-name acts for both nights will be announced soon, along with local bands who’ll be gracing the stage on both days, when the event will be open for free to allow people to come and support the local music scene.

Tickets are available from Ticket Angels, and you can sign up to the Falmouth Sound mailing list for more information here:

Leighton Meester Has New Album Out Soon, but Now Featured in Cobra Starship

There are a lot of tv celebrities who are currently trying to move into the music space and Leighton Meester is a prime example. You might know Leighton from the popular television series Gossip Girl, but now she is give music a go and of course a major label has already jumped onboard and signed her. Meester signed with Universal and it going to be releasing her debut album very soon. She mentions that the album is going to be a bit electro and dance, so im very interested to see how it sounds.

Leighton has already been featured in a track by Cobra Starship and its actually very catchy, so let me know if you are going to buy her album if its like this!

Cobra Starship – Good Girls Go Bad ft. Leighton Meester

Naked French Models Are The Next Ok Go on Treadmills

Im always excited to see new music video ideas and here is one that probably goes one step further than OK Go on treadmills. The song is called Baby Baby Baby by Make The Girl Dance, and it features a series of models strutting their stuff naked down a Paris street. Maybe you will also notice that the words to the song are flashing on the black boxes that are strategically placed over the girls.

Im sure this tracks will cause a bit of a stir and get lots of airplay, especially on MTV Dance!

VST Drum Plugins

When it comes to sequencing drum tracks, there are a whole load of different plugins available, for free or otherwise. The first one we’re going to look at is a little home-grown number called MyDrumSet from Norwegian site Blue Noise. It’s a .vst plugin made from recordings of the producer’s Ludwig kit, with separate mic outputs from each drum, as well as a couple of overheads. No strange or fantastic sounds here, but a solid basic drumkit that you can drop in to your tracks.

If you’re unwilling to get your wallet out but you’re looking for something a little less basic, there are loads and loads of other free plugins listed over at the AudioMastermind database. It might take a little sifting, but you’re not going to spend any money.

Working on something with a more live feel? Fully sequenced drums not giving you the juice you need, or just unhappy with the sound you’re able to record? You can replace the drum tracks you’ve got with sounds from this plugin – Drumagog which uses the existing drum hits as triggers for the sounds in it’s databank (which contains 4 gig worth of samples), retaining the rhythm and feel of anything you’ve recorded but replacing the sound.

Next up is the number 2 application on the market, Toontrack’s Superior Drummer – this is the second version of their DFH Superior software, and they’ve made significant improvements to the graphic user interface, and the detailed control you have over your mix. Sound-On-Sound has this to say about it:

It’s difficult not to be impressed by what SD 2.0 has to offer. Toontrack have managed to strike a sensible balance between very detailed control of your drum mix and an interface that is relatively easy to use. And as the samples themselves sound excellent, the only limits to your creativity are your programming ability and your host computer — unless you have a reasonably well-endowed one.

Unfortunately there’s not a demo version for you to try out, and this product does have a pretty hefty price tag on it unless you’re of a piratical bent, which we certainly can’t condone.

If you’re considering spending $400 on a new plugin synth then you should also take a look at FXpansion’s BFD2. This is the Ferrari of plugins, offering you a vast battery of sounds, principally recorded at Hampstead’s phenomenal looking AIR studios, it’s also got a load of dedicated EQ’s filters and other gubbins built in. It’s getting massively good reviews all over, and there are some sample tracks mixed using the plugin on their product listing page that demonstrate what it can do.