Web app Boil the Frog automatically creates a Spotify playlist that gradually takes you from one artist to another via suitable similar artists.

Boil the Frog claims to “Create a (nearly) seamless playlist between (almost) any two artists”.

Simply type the name of two fairly popular artists and Boil the Frog will instantly get to work using Spotify’s artist similarity info to find a connection. Click any track to hear a preview, click New track to choose a different song by the same artist, click Bypass to generate a new route without the selected song, click SAVE THIS PLAYLIST to add it to your Spotify library.

The favourites they list on the site include:

Boil the Frog Miley Cyrus to Miles Davis

Boil the Frog was created by Paul Lamere who works at Spotify. Check out Boil the Frog here.