Best apps you can play like an instrument

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Your phone or tablet can now double up into a beat machine or instrument in today’s modern world, here are our favourite music making apps.

In today’s frightfully exciting modern world you don’t necessarily need an instrument to make music. Your mobile phone can be instantly turned into one via an app and thus handheld music creating has become a staple of most bedroom artists/producers. Even those not wanting to create music for recording purposes can use these apps and have a lot of fun and learn an instrument with ease.

Moog Model D


The legendary analog synth company has officially branched into the modern era with their latest app the Moog Model D. It’s a powerful app that allows the user to play around with the iconic synthesizer, either creating your own original music or playing along to your favorite tunes. Some artists (using a 3.5mm to 1/4 inch adapter) have been made recordings with this app.

Roland Zenbeats

iOS, Android

Roland Zenbeats is a great app for music makers wanting to get their teeth sunk into the legendary Roland drum machine and synths. Its sleek and user-friendly UI is a dream for experienced musicians and those looking to learn. There is also a variety of in-app purchases that give you access to a massive variety of Roland beat-making systems, including the iconic TR-808 drum machine.

Korg Module


The Korg Module app is arguably one of the best piano apps and is tailored to musicians of all levels, whether you’re looking to learn or a keys master. However, the true value of this app though is in the ability to purchase sound kits, allowing you to play through the company’s iconic synthesizers before possibly purchasing.

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