Belkin’s new smart speaker provides the full package, combining hi-fi audio with a fast wireless charging pad, but can it beat the competition from Sonos, Amazon, Google and Apple?

Belkin partnered up with Devialet to develop a speaker that produces powerful, crystal-clear, high-fidelity sound, with Belkin’s design and charging technology. The Soundform Elite will have no problem filling a room with sound. Devialet’s patented Speaker Active Matching delivers resonant bass at any volume, to give the listener an accurate recreation of sound as the artist intended in a compact form factor. The 35mm driver produces stunning mids and highs, while the dual 70mm woofers produce deep, impactful, implosive bass, such that an external sub isn’t needed.

Devialet’s “Push-Push” vibration-cancelling ensures the woofers will not cause the speaker to shake, while your phone safely holds a steady 10-watt fast charge.

Belkin Soundform Elite Charing

Google Assistant ensures connectivity is up their with the best. WiFi setup is easy through the Google Home app. Here you can also adjust bass and treble. Unfortunately EQ levels can only be adjusted in the app and not via voice command. Two far field microphones will pick up your Google Assistant commands, allowing for easy media control, Google Search answers, managing everyday tasks and controlling smart devices. Google Home supports music services included: YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora and Deezer. Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity will cover you for non-Google Home services. Pairing with another Soundform Elite speaker or other Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers is a breeze and makes multi-room audio easy.

If voice control isn’t your thing, there’s play/pause, mute, volume and Bluetooth controls up top. Note, there are zero ports on this speaker such as AUX or ethernet for non-connected devices.

Belkin Soundform Elite Controls

The speaker doesn’t just perform great, Belkin’s design here makes it also looks great. Coming in black and white, the speaker will fit nicely into any office, bedroom, kitchen or living room.

Belkin Soundform Elite White

The premium speaker comes with a premium price tag to match at $299.99, placing it firmly in the top end of smart speakers. Alternates at this price will produce similarly excellent sound, but lack the charging dock. This unique feature allows the speaker to stand out in a crowded market.

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Be warned, an update to Apple’s HomePod is imminent.