Beautify or format your CSS code in seconds with RouteNote Convert’s latest, free, online, easy-to-use tool.

It can be easy to fall into poor CSS writing techniques when you need to produce results fast. With our new CSS Beautifier / Formatter, you can instantly polish up your code, with toggles to customize to your liking.

The CSS Beautifier / Formatter joins the over 100 tools available on RouteNote Convert. They are all absolutely free, available online without any need for app installation, no ads, on mobile and desktop, and you don’t even need an account!

  • Go to, click Other Tools, then find CSS Beautifier
  • Type or paste you CSS code, then click Beautify/Format, and RouteNote Convert will instantly provide you with your beautified code.

Under the output, you’ll find the size of the original and beautified text. For further customization, switch the Format to Custom. This will pull up several options to format the output to your liking. Once you’ve got it looking perfect, simply click Copy to Clipboard.

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