Beatport have made some big announcements as they enter what they’re calling a new chapter for their huge EDM marketplace, beats & loops businesses, plugin offers, and more.

‘Welcome to the next chapter.’ The triumphant words form Beatport’s recent announcement promising the future of the huge marketplace. What started as a website for electronic artists to share their music is today a massive platform with multiple subsidiaries under its wing offering everything from plugins to loops to software.

Beatport’s new mobile app

Beatport have unveiled a brand new iOS app for LINK subscribers. Their flagship DJ streaming platform links up to the biggest DJ software in the world and offers a massive library of creator’s music. Now listeners and creators alike can enjoy the full library from their smartphone.

The Beatport app lets users browse their entire library and discover new music from their huge catalogue. The app has in-built playlisting so that listeners can collect their favourite tunes together or separate the songs they love into moods so they always have the right mix.

An Android version of the Beatport app is planned to launch later this year.

Beatport’s new groove

With the launch of the app comes a brand new look for Beatport. A refreshed logo gives them a swish, modern image that doesn’t look amiss placed onto a person’s portrait. As you can see below. Wait a minute, have they… Oh I see what you did there, Beatport.

Beatport wrote: “As we’ve grown, we are more committed than ever to our core purpose of delivering inspiration through our products and services. And we are just getting started.”